June 26, 2011

Calypso Borealis / Banana Pill split cassette + zine on Full of nothing

                                      edition of 100

On the reversed-pyramid-side of this tape you will find Banana Pill, a young Russian-Finnish family residing in Helsinki. You kind of know what to expect already, right? Their drones are fragile and nostalgic. Layered melodic pieces, cascading synth patterns, violin and guitar and a little bit of delayed pizzicato grooving. A purest emotion shining though the sound. As simple and as cool as that. The lone French psych-head Calypso Borealis is occupying the paper-plane-side. Kindest, softest, yet murky as mist compositions bring the coolest evening sofa experiences. Chilling mix of synths, field recordings, kalimba - one can only guess what else. We don't even know this guy's name but the stuff he's been putting out is top notch! Each cassette comes with a tiny 8-page zine with drawings by Ivan. There are many color variations.

All prices postpaid